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I’ve pretty much never said no to a challenge. This has meant that I’ve taken part in some awesome (stupid, difficult, dangerous?) races and events over the years and pushed myself way past my limits a few times.

Now I’m trying to structure my training and events so that I develop my fitness and get the most out of every race I enter. I’ll keep this page updated with all the races I’m lining up so do check back regularly.

Have a race you think I would like? Let me know!

Upcoming events

If you see a race in this list I’ve already booked my place – see you there!

July 2018 – Isle of Wight ultra

August 2018 – North Coast 500 (not a race but an extremely cool idea)

Races under consideration

This is where I list all those races that I’m thinking about entering. Some are more realistic targets than others!

April 2018 – Open-5 Adventure Race Series, Grassington


June 2017 – Great North Swim – 2 miles in Lake Windermere – Cancelled due to bad weather

May 2017 – Leeds Half Marathon – 1:59:58 – Race report

August 2017 – York 10k – 51:04 – Race report

October 2017 – Manchester Half Marathon – 2:00:05