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Alive and well: blog relaunch!

My first post in… crikey, almost 6 months! I am alive and well in case anybody was worried (anybody? Well fine then!). Life and the universe all became fairly hectic at the back end of last year and into January for a few reasons.

A lonely sheep ponders it’s existence in a snowy field with a Yorkshire town in the background.
Spending time outdoors in the glorious weather found between bouts of horrible weather is always enjoyable. I could put a motivational quote across this one … how about “He who searches for a woolly jumper shall surely find one”. I’ll work on it…

A hectic schedule

Firstly, I started studying for an MBA at Leeds University in October and while the course is “part-time” it has felt rather “full-time” from the off. Think, essay writing balanced with business development balanced with Dragon’s Den and you’re part way there.

On top of that I’ve been working hard to implement changes in my work which has taken up far too much brain space. The fruits of my labour are starting to show though and it is quite exciting!

Mostly though, this blog has suffered simply because I haven’t prioritised it. It is not rocket science to see where my time is spent after all. It is amazing how much time you can waste when you’re not keeping track of it.

A change of direction

Why am I telling you all of this?

Well, I’ve decided that trying to pigeonhole my interests in to the confines of “Fitness and Photography” is far too narrow a scope. For all that I have neglected the blog, the time away has made me realise just how wide my interests really are.

So, I am relaunching this blog with an expanded scope to keep me motivated to get on and post regularly. I’ll now be writing about all manner of things that I find interesting in the hope that I can persuade you, my dear readers, that they are topics worth considering (so, all 5 of you who actually read this stuff regularly then!).

Alive and well

I’ll be kicking off later this week with a race update. I am woefully out of shape but have still somehow ended up with a pretty busy schedule of events throughout the year. Time for some serious training methinks.

After that will be the turn of a totally different topic, but I’ll not spoil the surprise by revealing it now. I am going to try out a new longer format post with the intention of actually writing something useful and interesting. We will see how it goes!

Check back in next week for more! (Or you could wait for me to prod you on whichever social channel we’re connected on, or I could make some sort of email list for everyone to sign up to…. how hard could it be?!).

Until next time, cheerio!

P.S. If you’re still reading this far then thank you kindly for your time. If you’ve got another few minutes, check out this video from photographer Chase Jarvis which partly inspired me to get on with writing this in the first place!


    • Matt Matt

      Thanks Katie! Feels good to be back 🙂
      Hope all is well with you,

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