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Starting the blog and Panic Training!

Welcome one and all to the start of a brand new blog.

I’ve decided to dive in and post at least once a week about interesting bits and bobs from my life and things I pick up from the world around me. Expect fitness, tech, travel, photography and more. With a bit of luck it will give me plenty of motivation to get out there and train, discover and learn as much as possible to share on this blog.

So, let’s get cracking with the first post!

I’ve got two fairly big fitness events on the near horizon which my normal training plan has largely ignored. This could be because my normal training plan involves very little actual training, but rather a lot of reading about training and watching YouTube videos that are (mostly) about training!

The first, in just over a week’s time is the Leeds Half Marathon. I’ve run a half before in 1:53 which I was pretty chuffed with – the only problem is that was four years ago and I’m definitely in worse shape than before. Couple that with the fact that there will be a few undulations (read: enormous hills) on the route and I think this will prove to be a bit of a challenge.

Also approaching at a rapid rate of knots is the Great North Swim in June when I will be taking part in the 2-mile event with my mum. Now, when I signed up for this last year, I had grand visions of destroying the swim in record pace, taking the world of open water swimming by storm and going on to cross the English Channel by the age of 30. All well and good thinking it, but here I am having barely swum in months and the very real prospect of being beaten by my own mum in the process (though she is a fantastic swimmer so there’s not much shame in that).

What is to be done? Well, you’re unlikely to read this in any training how-to guide but I’m about to embark on what I call Panic Training (can you copyright something that is a terrible idea?!). It involves getting as many miles in before an event as possible without damaging myself and is, I think, a very fine balancing act. Too many miles and I’ll be injured before the event, too few and I’m going to perform terribly!

So, yesterday marked the start of my Panic Training with a ten mile run around part of the half marathon course. It felt fairly awful, and today my legs are feeling more than a little tender! A bit of walking today to loosen them up, followed by a cycle tomorrow and I’ll be ready for an attempt at the full 13-mile distance at the weekend. I can’t see it being too much fun, but never say never! Then there will be time for two more short runs next week before the big event.

For now, the swimming will have to take a back seat. Once the marathon is out of the way, it’ll be a case of hitting the pool and getting to a lake. Easy, except I have no idea where to swim around here, no idea if my wetsuit still fits me and no idea what my stamina will be like – how hard can it be?

Wish me luck!


P.S. If you’re still here and reading this far down the page, thank you very much! Hopefully you found this first post interesting enough to come along for the next one. Get in touch and let me know what you think or just to say hello.

Take it easy!


  1. Gary Gary

    Hello… run fat boy run. Keep up the training mate and hopefully the blog will encourage you to keep it up. You never know that channel crossing will have your name on it in no time.

    • Matt Matt

      Cheers man, that’s the plan! Plenty of training required to get in shape.

      I’ll race you across to France ina few years mate 😀

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