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A quick update on my small jog (the Leeds Half Marathon)

As most of you know I took part in the Leeds Half Marathon today. My aim was to get a sub-two hour time and boy did I cut it fine. I finished the race in 1:59:58 – just 2 seconds to spare! That’s about as close as you get and it definitely makes me feel less bad for barging past the guy who was dawdling on the finish line!

The route was fun, but fairly hilly – and not that nice kind of small-and-often undulating kind of hilly, more the where-the-hell-does-this-hill-end kind of hilly. I’m definitely going to feel it in my legs tomorrow. Now its time for a curry to start the recovery process off properly!

Stay tuned to the blog this week – I’m unveiling a new plan to get a grip on my fitness levels and you’re all invited to help me out!

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